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Oil Recovery and Processing Of Petroleum Slurry Waste with Use Aircrafts <<Know-How>> And Technologies

Main advantages of this method are:

  • reduction of processing time,
  • decreaseof a temperature made of processes,
  • reduction of the industrial areas necessary for functioning of such equipment,
  • cleanliness and silence of process.

    The processing of petroleum waste Products now do not attract the Businessmen as the costs connected with heating and maintenance of high temperature in large capacities, are approximately equaled to the cost of petroleum received in such a way. Besides, after application of a conventional method a considerable quantity of impurities is left as a rule.


     The new technology is based on the effect on petroleum waste by high-frequency microwave radiation, which allows fast to destroy intermolecuIar bonds in emulsion composed by petroleum, water and firm rocks, that is impossible to reach by conventional methods.


    Thermal Wave International company (USA) together with Camegie Mellon Research Institute developed an experimental mobile installation on the basis of this technology.     


    Productivity of the installation is 1500 barrels (230 tons) of petroleum waste per day. At the 30% mean contents of petroleum in waste the output of petroleum is 70 tons per day.


    The installation can be adapted actually to any climatic conditions and, at rather small costs, with a peak efficiency not onlyto increase quality of petroleum produced and sharply to reduce costs on refining of crude petroleum, but also to liquidate effectively consequences of ecological accidents.