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 “Advance Reservoir Characterization and Imaging Specialist”
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Rock Fluid Imaging Lab provides geomechanical modeling laboratory service as advanced access tools in some unconventional reservoir characterization (Fracture and Shale Gas), soil/wellbore stability analysis and other rock mechanic case.

1. UCS Test

2. Triaxial Test (Single Stage and Multi stage)

3. Thick Walled Cylinder for sanding test

4. friction force testing

5. Mohr Coulomb Failure Criteria

6. Young Modulus and Poisson ratio

7. Rock Strength

8. Application of geomechanic testing

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   Rock Fluid Imaging Lab provides integrated geomechanical analysis considering rock physics, lithofacies, temperature, stress, strain, and reservoir parameter (porosity, lithofacies) for producing accurate subsurface information such as pore pressure distribution and also fault sealing analysis.

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  Rock Fluid Imaging Lab provides integrated geomechanical analysis considering core geomechanics laboratory testing, well data (pressure data, mud pressure, petrophysics & image log) and field data for preventing Wellbore Instability during drilling and sand production.

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Rock Fluid Imaging Lab provides integrated geomechanical analysis considering geomechanic core test, rock physics, lithofacies, temperature, stress state (overburden stress, maximum horizontal stress, minimum horizontal stress, pore pressure, hydrostatic pressure), strain, and reservoir parameter (porosity, lithofacies) combine with Finite Element Modeling for Caprock Integrity Analysis as well as reservoir integrity Analysis.

Caprock integrity, as well as reservoir integrity assessments, have become an essential element in the design and operation of steam injection projects and a critical factor in the selection of a maximum steam injection operating pressure.

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Reservoir properties like porosity, permeability and fluid saturation are unique for different rocks. The reservoir properties are very dependent on their lithofacies. Therefore, the first task in reservoir characterization should be lithofacies prediction. Our technology provide the most accurate prediction using proven sequential flow of reservoir prediction based on lithofacies information.

Our technologies are capable to integrate among weakness and strength of seismic resolution, attributes, well, core, statistical, artificial neural networks and expert experiences to give the most accurate interpretation for reservoir properties prediction.

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 Fractured reservoir is one of complex reservoir type. To reduce uncertainties in fractured reservoir characterization, we are able to integrate all available data from geology, geophysics, petrophysics and rock physics, using our latest advanced technology based on rock physics, advanced atributes & statistical artificial intelligence.  contact us
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Reservoir characterization is an essential part of building robust dynamic models for making reliable predictions. A good definition of reservoir rock types should relate somehow the geological facies to their petrophysical properties i.e pore fluid). contact us

We provide relationship among wave phenomena and reservoir’s parameter for various reservoir’s condition.


The output of this measurement and analysis are following:

•Vp and Vs under various overburden pressure.

•Vp and Vs under various pore pressure.

•Vp and Vs under various fluid saturant (brine, oil and gas).

•Vp and Vs various anisotrophic orientation.

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