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“Advance Reservoir Characterization and Imaging Specialist”

Rock Fluid Imaging Lab provides geomechanical modeling laboratory service as advanced access tools in some unconventional reservoir characterization (Fracture and Shale Gas), soil/wellbore stability analysis and other rock mechanic case including:

      1.Uniaxial Compressive Test (UCS)

      2.Triaxial test

 •Up to 60.000 Psi confined pressure
Up to 140.000 psi Axial stress
Pore Pressure Effect in Mohr – Coulomb Failure Criteria
Radial strain gauge for delivery accurate lateral strain
   (more than 6 times of lateral axial strain).
Fully digital / telemetry deliver loading and unloading scenario
Auto adjusting confined and axial stress.
Micrometer resolution and all of stress and strain measure with one second sampling rate

       3.Mohr – Coulomb failure criteria

      4.Calculation of fracture gradient

      5.Casing and mud design

      6.Study of fault reactivation and subsidence rate prediction

      7.Study of hydraulic fracturing

      8.Well bore integrity