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“Advance Reservoir Characterization and Imaging Specialist”


ID Invention Name Patent Register
RFI-PT001 System for generating pure P and S wave Patent Pending 2011
RFI-PT002 Hi pressure seismic tranducer and polarized simultaneously (P and S wave tranducer) Patent Pending 2012
RFI-PT003 Tranducer P and S wave generator simultaneously Patent Pending with ITB, 2005
RFI-PT004 Borehole Vibrator seismic using asymmetric rod rotator

Awarded Patent


RFI-PT005 Insertion of high density chained balls for reducing energy of hot mud flow Patent pending ITB 2007
RFI-PT006 Spider-web tools for improving the performance of high density chained balls insertion Patent pending ITB 2007
RFI-PT007 Facies prediction using hybrid neural-network and artificial intelligence Patent pending 2010
RFI-PT008 System for student examination Patent pending 2012
RFI-PT009 Sequential reservoir parameter prediction using hybrid neural-network and artificial intelligence Patent pending 2013
RFI-PT010 Prediction of Facies and Diagenetic by Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Artificial Neural Network Method

Awarded Patent


RFI-PT011 Pure, Accurate and Low Noise P-Wave and S-Wave Measurement Device

Awarded Patent