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Why Geothermal Heat Flow measurement is so important?

  • Geothermal heat flow measurement is important input parameter for thermal inversion modeling (predicting distribution of sub surface temperature)
  • The measurement is essential parameter for thermal energy reserve calculation
  • Geothermal Heat flow measurement can be as a tool for predicting thermal maturity of hydrocarbon


Advantages of The Proposed Method

  • Rock Fluid Imaging Lab. measurement tools, GradioTermTM , has very sensitive temperature measurement (0.001O C), has ‘high’ degree of accuracy (much less than 0.025 degree Celcius/m).
  • The proposed method can integrate with previous geophysical modeling, to produce subsurface temperature modeling, such as: gravity, resistivity and magnetic.
  • The proposed method improve an approximation by Mareschal et. al. (1985) which neglecting the lateral changes in thermal conductivity and assuming the depth of the heat sources is proportional to the wavelength of the variations in surface heat flow.
  • The proposed method is direct parameter measurement instead of Curie temperature, Geochemistry, Seismic velocity-temperature, Resistivity – temperature, etc.



Geothermal Heat Flow Modeling

Geothermal Heat Flow Measurement for Thermal Maturity of HC