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“Advance Reservoir Characterization and Imaging Specialist”
ResIP 1000

Resistivity and Induced Polarization Instruments for Geophysics and Geotechnical Survey

The ResIP 1000TM is a resistvity and Induced Polarization (IP) portable instrument with user defined measure cycles. The instrument measures simultaneously up to 24 channels for each current injection. ResIP1000TM uses the controller for active and in-active cable is built into the ResIP 1000TM main instrument.



The instrument uses a built-in power transmitter and can be used for multi electrode electrical resisitivity 2D, 3D and 4D, vertical electrical sounding (VES), and mise-a-la- masse measurement. Other applications are environment investigation, mineral exploration, and underwater survey. The instrument is expandable to connect to PC.


-         Used for resistivity and IP imaging in 2D, 3D and 4D

-         Groundwater survey

-         Mineral exploration

-         Underwater measurements in fresh and salt water

-         Geotechnical investigation for cavity investigation, stratigraphy, etc.

-         Environment investigation for soil contamination, sewage leak, etc.



Technical Specification

-         Measurement modes              : Self potential, apparent resistivity and induced polarization

-         Transmitter                             : 200W internal tranmitter

-         Output current                        : 1-1000 mA

-         Output voltage                        : 400 Volt

-         Input Impedance                     : 10 MOhm

-         Type of IP measurement        : Frequency domain

-         Automatic multi-electrodes     : dipole-dipole, pole-pole, Wenner and Schlumberger

-         Power supply                          : DC power supply

-         Maximum penetration             : 700 meter

-         Weight                                     : 6kg

-         Dimension                               : 450mm (W), 350mm (L), 200mm (H)