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“Advance Reservoir Characterization and Imaging Specialist”

                       LITHOFACIES PREDICTION





Lithofacies defines a body of rock on the basis of its distinctive lithological properties, including this composition, grain texture, bedding characteristics, sedimentary structures and biological features. The primary task of geological and engineering characterization of a petroleum reservoir is to determine the various lithofacies of the reservoir rocks from the examination of cores taken from wells.

As a prerequisite for the zonation the continuous logs first have to be segmented into discrete zones of similar properties, which are the elementary units of reference for inferring the correlation between wells.

The context and objectives of the analysis determine the nature of the zones, which may designate lithostratigraphic or petrophysical units or other meaningful geological entities.

Facies from log measurements are equivalent but not identical to the lithofacies inferred from core data because logfacies are the combined results of indirect log response to lithology and fluid, whereas lithofacies are defined directly from the visible features of rocks.



     Core Information                        
                     Well Facies Prediction



This seismic facies prediction provides an effective way to estimate reservoir properties by combining different seismic attributes through pattern recognition algorithms, in spite of without consistency of geological information and parameters such as the number of facies and even the input seismic attributes. Because, we able to use the suitable knowledge from the other location. In addition, we also able to use the self-organizing map method which can differentiate the difference trace.


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